Smart pi NAM 603 (outdoor)

Smart pi NAM 603 (outdoor)

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The Smart pi NAM (outdoor) - Network Amplifier Modules are commercial and industrial amplifiers that can be installed in the field and close to the speaker location, this allows ease of changing audio zoning, sources, priorities and volume for every single speaker within the system.

Each NAM-HP has 4 x 52-Watt RMS class D amplifiers, an Ethernet switch with 2 fibre and 2 ethernet ports, and built in DSP (EQ, FIR, delay and gain). 

There are many option boards available for the NAM-HP (outdoor) including:

- SIP / Wifi Module

- GPIO Option Board

- EN54-16 Option Board (Audio I/O and GPI/O)

- Ambient Noise Sensing Microphone

- Bluetooth Auracast (coming soon)