Smart pi SPL - Kit

Smart pi SPL - Kit

Model Number: SPL01-KIT

Brand: Smart PI

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The Smart pi SPL with MicW i436 class II calibrated microphone and calibrator in a single kit.

Smart pi SPL

Professional Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Metering and Logging.

The SMART SPL has both web and HDMI interfaces and includes all requirements for government mandated metering including configurable display values and logging.

The system is compatible with any Class2 microphone and allows for a measurement chain according to CEI 61672-1.

The system is easy to calibrate and generates calibration certificates via the web interface.

Logging files can be exported in a variety of formats and the system can be optionally configured for remote access.

Class II measurement MicW i436

  • Meets EC61672 Class 2 Sound Level Meter standard.
  • Flat frequency response. Omni-directional.
  • Plug and play
  • Each microphone individually factory calibration included.
  • Compact: approx. 1/4 inch dia by 2 inches overall length.

Microphone Calibrator MicW-CA114

Microphone Calibrator designed for measurement microphones, including the following;

  • MicW i436
  • MicW M215
  • MicW M416

Calibrates to the following IEC standards;

  • IEC 61094
  • IEC 61094-3
  • IEC 60942

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